Eric Lee

Designated broker

About Me

I joined Equity eight months into my real estate career, back in 2003! I started real estate with a small local brokerage that charged a 60/40 split and offered no training. Desperate to get help to survive, I put a seminar on a credit card and learned one life-changing phrase: "Learn to make business decisions, not emotional decisions." I realized I was with my broker because I thought he was a good guy, not because it was good for my business.

I called a friend who had started in real estate the same time and with the same brokerage as me and asked him where he had moved to and why. He introduced me to Brady Long with Equity and I was amazed how organized it was, even though it was still being run out of Brady's basement at the time! Systems were in place to make things simple, and the company policies were all about the agents and making their life easier. I immediately switched and it's been the best career move I've ever made.

We've learned a lot over the years and the company has only gotten better. We've added amazing staff to the mix; some fantastic, experienced new brokers; and over 3000 new agents! We've won awards like "Best in State" for all real estate companies in Utah, and expanded to other states. Through it all, however, we have never lost sight of what first attracted me to the company in the first place. The policies are still all about how to make the agents' lives easier. Our agents can be more competitive than any other company because they have the freedom and the resources that no other company can match. It's fun to be a part of something this good and this solid.

Additional Services Offered

  • Enhanced Marketing
  • Transaction Coordinator
  • Weekly CE Classes
  • Personal Mentoring

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